Windrush Day – 22nd June 2024

Banner saying Nottingham Windrush Celebrations 2024

Since 2018, Windrush Day has been celebrated in the UK to recognise the ongoing legacy and resilience of Caribbean migrant families.

It is named ‘Windrush’ after the boat that docked in Essex in 1948 carrying passengers from the Caribbean to the UK. People in the Caribbean were invited over to help rebuild a post-war Britain. The ‘Windrush Generation’ refers to all passengers that travelled to the UK up until 1971.

The Pilgrim Church, in Nottingham, are hosting a series of events to celebrate and honour the significant contributions to our community by the Windrush Generation.

Hope Fostering Services are proud to support these events in 2024.

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Nottingham Windrush Events:

More about the Windrush Generation: What is Windrush and what is the Windrush generation? – BBC News